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We deploy AssistMedictm to our customers in two flavors. The first option is to use our system as a hosted web service, which is also known as the "Software as a service" model. The second option is to purchase a dedicated server with our system installed on it.

Requirements of the hosted web version

  • The doctor's computer must have an internet connection.
  • The doctor's computer have at least one of the following browsers installed on it:
    - Internet Explorer 6 or later. This web browser is available on virtually all computers running Microsoft Windows.
    - Firefox 2 or later. This web browser is available on many computers running Microsoft Windows. It is also often available on the Apple Macintosh and Linux platform.
    - Safari 1.3 or later. This browser is available on virtually all Apple Macintosh computers.
    - Opera 9 or later. This browser is available on a number of platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux.
    - Google Chrome 1 or later. This browser is available on a number of platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux.

Key benefits provided by the hosted web version

  • Very low maintenance overhead for your medical practice.
  • Zero up-front expenses, because there is no need for you to purchase any software or hardware.
  • Reliable service. We have a 24/7 automatic monitoring of our servers, which allows us to guarantee 99.9% availability of our service.
  • All upgrades of our service are free for our customers because all software runs on our web server.
  • Free 1-month trial is available to prospective customers who want to test our service.
  • Free support is available to all customers for the duration of the service.

Requirements of the dedicated server version

  • An optional phone line for the incoming and outgoing phone calls made by the AssistMedic system. If you want to avoid using one of your phone lines for handling patient calls we can provide you a phone number that will be used exclusively by your medical practice.
  • An optional internet connection with a static IP address. It is required only if your clinic wants to provide web-based self-service to your patients.
  • An internal (intranet) connection between doctors' computers and the dedicated server is strongly recommended although not absolutely mandatory.

Key benefits provided by the dedicated server version

  • The dedicated server and its software are purchased by the customer and are located on customer's premises. This means that the service is extremely reliable and the system will be accessible to the medical stuff even when external internet connectivity is lost.
  • The dedicated server is used only by one specific health clinic and it customers. This guarantees high responsiveness of the whole system leading to good user experience.
  • The dedicated server provides higher customizability than the hosted web version. It can be tailored to suit exactly the specific needs of the health clinic and its patients.
  • All AssistMedictm dedicated servers come with 12 months of support included in the purchase price starting from the date of purchase.

Additionally we offer primary 24/7 support contracts which are suitable to high-end clinics and other enterprise customers. Please contact us for more information on primary support contracts.