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There are cases when patients want to schedule appointments but don't have access to the internet so online appointment scheduling is not an option. The natural approach in this case is to resort to calling the medical clinic over the phone and scheduling an appointment with the medical receptionist. Of course this approach has its own drawbacks - what if it is a small medical practice that does not have a 24/7 receptionist?

In such cases AssistMedic is able to help both patients and doctors by taking over the phone appointment scheduling in addition to the online appointment scheduling. You can either enable it fully for 24/7 appointment handling or just turn it on for the off-work hours and it will pick up the phone and schedule appointments pretty much like a human medical receptionist.

Moreover, AssistMedic is able to handle multiple incoming phone calls at once. This means that your patients will not be left on the phone waiting until the receptionist is able to process their call. Just one single call or ten simultaneous calls, it doesn't make a difference to AssistMedic.

Additionally medical practitioners can use AssistMedic as an after-hours medical answering service. It can:

  • Accept patient calls and schedule appointments for existing or new patients.
  • Record voicemail messages for doctors.
  • In case of emergency transfer the call to doctor's cellphone.