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Fully customizable medical web forms

In many cases there is patient data that can be sent by the patient over the internet, but there can be multiple records per patient, so it is not possible to keep these extra records as a part of the basic patient record. Examples of such records include trauma questionnaires, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) questionnaires, etc. That is why AssistMedic supports web forms which are fully customizable by doctors and other administrative staff. These web forms support a number of different field types including complex tables/grids, so it is possible to send all kinds of custom patient records and reports over the internet.

These forms can be designed using a powerful custom forms editor accessible from the AssistMedic administrative panel. The custom forms editor allows designing the form by specifying field types and field labels, but it allows to specify the look of these fields. It is possible to adjust the text color, font style, font size of the custom web forms, insert explanatory text and add custom images. All these features allow a wide range of changes to the look of the custom forms making it visually attractive to users.

Click on the thumbnail to see a screenshot of the custom form designer

There are many cases when patient submits a request for some medical procedure whose price depends on the chosen procedure options. In this case the patient usually wants to know the price of the medical service before submitting the request. AssistMedic supports formula fields in custom forms. This way it is possible for the user to view the pricing after selecting different form options but before actually submitting the form.

In many cases clinics may need to keep a printed hardcopy of its patient forms. That is why AssistMedic allows printing of submitted custom forms. The patient submits the form over the internet and the medical clinic views and edits the custom form from the AssistMedic control panel. However at the same time the administrative assistant may print out the submitted form and this then keep it along with other paper files, in order to keep a paper trail for his electronic records.

Another question that might arise is sending the patient data to someone without giving him or her full access to the AssistMedic control panel. In order to address this case, AssistMedic allows exporting of custom forms to PDF files. The doctor can export the patient record to a PDF file and then send the PDF file to the 3rd party without giving him or her access to the AssistMedic administrative area.

Printing and PDF-exporting also takes care of security-conscious patients who are afraid of sending their data over the internet. It is possible for a patient to visit the clinic page with the custom form, print out the form, fill manually the data into the printed copy and then take the form to the clinic. This way the patient does not send his data over the internet but he still uses AssistMedic to get a nice-looking printout of the custom web form.

And last but not least - custom medical forms can be integrated into existing medical websites using the easy website integration feature of AssistMedic.