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Minimizing patient no-shows is on top of most doctors' priorities since even a single patient no-show means wasted time and money for the medical clinic.

One of the most effective strategies for decreasing such no-shows is using patient appointment reminders. In many cases these appointment reminders are sent manually by the medical receptionist. In most cases this is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process that can easily keep a medical receptionist busy for a whole day. For large medical practices it is not uncommon to have two or even three full-time medical office assistants dealing with appointment reminders only.

AssistMedic is able to take over the tedious process of sending appointment reminders and to automate it completely. There is no need to occupy the human receptionist with this something that even a computer can take care of. Let you human receptionist deal with other tasks that will bring more benefits to your patients and your medical clinic. Or maybe you have a solo medical practice and your budget does not allow you to hire a medical office receptionist? Once again you can ask AssistMedic for help and it will take care of the appointment reminders for you.

Different patients can be reached through different channels. Some people check regularly their email, other are more likely to read their SMS messages instead of their email and someone else may prefer the old-style communication over the telephone. That is why Assistmedic offers three different types of appointment reminders:

  • Email reminders
  • SMS reminders
  • Phone reminders

Moreover doctors can make arbitrary combinations of these three types of appointment reminders. For example the patient can be reminded by email 2 days before the appointment, on the next day he will be sent a second reminder email and on the day of the appointment an automatic phone call will be made to remind the patient about the forthcoming appointment.

Click on the thumbnail to see a screenshot of the patient reminders management page

And even better - if you take a detailed look at the above screenshot, you will notice that the text of the reminders is fully customizable by the medical staff. For each reminder you can configure an arbitrary message to be emailed, SMSed or even said over the phone. You can use special tags like {REASON}, {STAFF}, etc. to embed into the reminder variable pieces of information like appointment reason, appointment time, doctor name and so on.

When taken together, the above features provide AssistMedic with some of the most powerful and easy-to-use medical appointment reminders currently available on the market.