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What is AssistMedic
AssistMedic is an automated service that works as a virtual front desk receptionist. It helps medical businesses to automate and simplify many aspects of their communication with patients.
What can AssistMedic do for you
AssistMedic handles many routine and time-consuming tasks that your employees had to deal with until now. Some of the tasks that we are automating include:
  • Handling of incoming patient calls. Our system employs speech recognition and speech synthesis (IVR) and it is capable of scheduling patient appointments and accepting new patient sign-ups over the phone.
  • Providing a secure online portal that is integrated into your existing website or works as a standalone website. Patients can use the online portal to schedule appointments, or fill-in medical forms and send them to your office.
  • Sending automated appointment reminders to your patients to notify them of appointments. Our system is able to to call patients and talk to them naturally or by sending them SMS or it can send them reminder SMS or email messages.
Whom is AssistMedic for
AssistMedic can be used by any medical business that wants to streamline and automate its communication with patients. This includes businesses of any size ranging from solo medical practices to enterprise-level customers like big medical complexes. Additionally we provide customization of our system and optionally develop custom AssistMedic modules for clients that need non-standard features.
We provide 24/7 support by email and phone.
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